Boost your “loudspeaker” !

This is the beginning of a long haul...

...and it is in this initial phase that your help will have the most impact, while we set up a crowdfunding drive to kick-start the campaign.

  1. We can use serious money.

    • to free ourselves from our regular work,
    • to hire temporary help
    • to purchase publicity,
    • to pay for professional/ internet services,
    • to get equipment that will boost our reach,
    • to have the website professionally translated
    • …and to offset, if only partially, the debts incurred in order to develop this project.

      Every hour we can devote to spread the word will translate into 1) more, better and more biting tweets, and 2) many more people being better informed.

      Most of the key info is publically available and credibly established. But it doesn't quite constitute knowledge as such because it remains dispersed (and even politically shrouded). We have to organize it and get out, for this is the only way to prevent the gross 2ºC mistake now in the cards.

      It would only take one significant player to become aware of these facts and take them seriously for him or her to relay them to the core of COP21.

      If you have substantial means and would consider making a major donation but would first want some references, please don’t hesitate to write to us, giving us your phone number or skype contact: we could have a short talk on the phone or through skype.

  2. We can also use your time. If you realize that for the next few days there is no other cause more important than this, and are willing to contribute some time, please write to us using the form below

Thank you all for your interest !

Alfredo LdeR (one-page bio)

To avoid exposure to “trolls,” donations are not refundable: no “rewards” are offered for this help, except for highlighted mention in honor list of backers of the 1º5 climate safety revolution (unless you choose to remain anonymous)

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